Product Liability

The Firmís attorneys have experience litigating products liability cases involving severe injuries or wrongful death claims. We have defended a wide variety of claims against manufacturers of products such as water heaters, industrial control systems, chainsaws, bituminous distributors, clothes dryers, punch presses, safety belts, high pressure washers, childrenís toys, firearms, lawn mowers, gasoline powered liquid pumps, furnaces, boilers, hairdryers, tire rims, gasoline engines, food processing equipment, marine equipment, industrial slip resistant coatings, vacuum pumps, hydraulic cranes, lattice boom cranes, other lifting devices, farm tractors, agricultural equipment, swimming pools, go-carts, roller coasters, treadmills, trampolines, automobiles, scaffolding, hand tools, chemical sealants, roofing, piping, chemical and cleaning products, aircraft, asbestos, chemical exposure and industrial paper machines. We have defended product injury claims including those alleging damage from inhalations, chemical industrial exposure, industrial exposure, physical exposure, contamination or damage to land or property.