Insurance Coverage and Extra-Contractual/Bad Faith Claims

The Firm is privileged to assist a number of the world's finest insurers in handling questions relating to coverage. We regularly provide advice and counsel, written coverage opinions, and assistance in the preparation of reservation-of-rights letters and other correspondence. Our attorneys also represent insurer clients in declaratory judgment actions related to disputed coverage. We strive to provide prompt, efficient and accurate legal advice to resolve coverage concerns efficiently and effectively to protect the insurers we represent and to minimize exposure for breach-of-contract and/or bad faith claims.

Our attorneys are also experienced in defending against such claims where they cannot be avoided. The Firm has handled bad faith claims on behalf of a range of insurers, from the largest in the world to smaller regional firms. The Firm has successfully defended brokers and agents named as parties in extra-contractual bad faith lawsuits. We have defended against allegations of bad faith related to health and disability claims, fire and arson, large hurricane losses, construction defects, credit life policies, and employment practices.